Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Simbrah breeders and enthusiasts had to have left Giddings, Texas energized and synergized this weekend.

The Synergy III event once again drew a large crowd,  demand was strong for the cattle and a record number of junior exhibitors vie for titles in the show.

Some highlights for me included:

Bill and Jane Travis brought the Moochis with them--Mr. Moochi was instrumental in forming the Panamaian Simbrah Association and serves as  an officer. It was great to have an international flair.

Jane Hunt and LMC/ATZ Miley repeated as champion of the show. How cool, that she showed the female last year as a calf and took her home and a year later brings her back to repeat as champion. There were 97 entries in the Synergy Showcase!

New breeders were in the stands for the sale--that is what keeps the breed going, going and going!

The prices paid were strong throughout and the sale saw an average of $3,613 on 127 Lots! In Texas there were 12 or 13 purebred sales on Friday and Saturday and this was one of the highest averaging!

Another $6,000 was raised for the American Junior Simbrah Roundup Scholarship Fund. That's $1,000 for six up and coming juniors to be used for college!

The Photography contest was well received. I think there were close 30 entries and some darn good ones too!  There was some heated competition especially in the adult division between Kim Hagan and Carlos Guerra. You'll be seeing some of these photos in the future!

Joe B. Rodriguez proved to be the luckiest man in Simbrah again. In last year's Cow Patty Bingo Fund Raiser, Joe B was the winner. Well just like Jane and Miley, Joe B, was the winner again and he only bought one square in his name. The other squares were in other family names. A special shoutout to Wayne Reavis, Rickey Burch and Terry Whitaker for organizing the contest with the funds going to promote Simbrah.

Sam Hodges, who won the first AJSR Scholarship, put together a skillathon contest  that was challenging and Robert Davila brought some interesting additions to the contest, also.

Fun was had by all--I mean who can forget Dancing Dean. Dean Fuchs can line dance! And the Rangers created excitement for all on Friday night by winning. Cell phones were kept busy at the sale preview and dinner, following the game!

Food. The Hagan family and cooking crew from Yoakum, Texas outdid themselves. If you weren't there Friday night, you might have just missed the meal of the year. Plus then the Tortorice Family brought some of the best breakfast muffins this side of the Mississippi!

Thanks Tim Smith for having the breed to Smith Genetics! And thanks Simbrah breeders for your energy, enthusiasm for the breed! It's contagious! P.S. lots more pixs on Synergy Facebook page and full report coming to simbrahworld.com this week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simbrah Promotion

Welcome to Simbrah Blog!

This page is just another way to promote the breed, share the news of Simbrah and keep everyone in touch!

Promoting our product is important and is something we need to do everyday!

We want to send a shout out to Amy Wright, mom to junior exhibitor Justin and daughter of Bob and Brenda Cuvelier, Bright Star Farms, for promoting Simbrah everywhere she goes. How about that license plate!

If you want to write a post (column) for Simbrah Blog, just send it to marthag@southernlivestock.com as in order to keep the site positive, all materials will be posted by her for Simbrah World. SEND YOUR THOUGHTS! Also you can post comments here!