Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Need To Promote Beef


I am 13-year-old Brody Hill and I raise and show Simbrah cattle.  I recently attended the youth program at the 59th Annual Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course with other junior Simbrah exhibitors, Olivia Vela, Ariana Cantu and Matthew and Amanda Salinas. I came home with something that shocked me.  People are not eating beef like they have in the past.
In my house, we eat beef on a regular basis.  Probably because my dad has always raised commercial cattle at one point or another in his life and he was raised with the belief that we need to "Eat More Beef” and because he doesn't care too much for chicken!  So, the numbers that the presenters were showing us really surprised me.  That made me realize that OUR industry, the beef industry, is in serious trouble.  I learned that less and less people are buying and eating beef products. Plus they are being persuaded every day not to eat beef, by either the other industries, famous chefs, and/or environmentalists.  These groups are targeting our consumers. 
Beef used to be the number one category, but now we are second and loosing ground by the day.  If we don't do something, we will soon be third, behind chicken and pork and possibly become an insignificant meat category.
What can we do, as juniors, as Simbrah breeders, as members of the beef industry?  We can ADVOCATE.  One of my favorite parts of the program was put on by a gentlemen named Bruce Vincent.  Mr. Vincent is a logger from Libby, Montana and his industry and his family business was targeted by environmentalists and it really affected his town.  One of the main points that he made clear was that just because you are small does not mean you can't be heard.  This really encouraged me that I can make a difference, however small I may think it is.  We have a big responsibility on our shoulders as future Simbrah breeders and cattlemen.  We have to start now telling kids our age that we do not treat cattle inhumanly, that we do not abuse animals, and that beef really is good for you.  I would encourage every Simbrah show kid to attend events like the TAM BCSC   We need to learn about more about our industry and how to promote beef. Thanks!

Brody Hill
Edinburg, Texas

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  1. Hello Brody, so happy to see your blog! We have two daughters that have just started showing Simbrah hefiers and are trying to find more simbrah shows in Texas. Can you help? Our next show is in Waco Oct 9&10.